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MSc Neuroscience

at The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London

Schedule for poster presentations for full-time (2014-2015) students in Robin Murray A&B rooms at the IoPPN


Friday 18th September from 10:00 ('dry' lab)

First Morning Session
The relationship between alexithymia and interoceptive ability
Aaron Dettner
Supervisors: Geoff Bird & Punit Shah
Cognitive profile in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): similarities and differences across conditions
Janyaporn Jiamjaroenkul
Supervisors: Patrick Bolton & Karen Ashwood/Charlotte Tye
A Retinotopic Connectivity Atlas of the Human Occipital Lobes
Ahmad Beyh
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Changes in pituitary volume following Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychosis
Danielle Bream
Supervisor: Veena Kumari
Co-regulation of genes in the brain during the development of Alzheimer’s pathology in mouse models
Hannah Deen
Supervisor: Steve Kiddle
Networks underlying altered behaviour in patients with primary progressive aphasia
Sterre Witteveen
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Clinical risk factors for clozapine induced neutropenia
Steffi Malik
Supervisors: James MacCabe and John Lally
Proactive inhibitory control in eating disorders: assessing strategic slowing using the stop signal task
Claire Jacques
Supervisors: Owen O'Daly & Savani Bartholdy/Samantha Rennalls
The effects of antipsychotics on resting cerebral blood flow and eye movement control on the healthy human brain
Suzanne O' Brien
Supervisors: Mitul Mehta & Peter Hawkins
Neuroinflammation in an accelerated ageing model
Mohammed Kaba
Supervisor: Sagnik Bhattacharyya
The role of Alexithymia and Depression in Emotion Recognition
Intan Eshaap
Supervisors: Geoff Bird & Punit Shah
A multiple case study of cannabidiol as add-on trial in treatment resistant schizophrenia: Effects on clinical symptoms and potential imaging biomarkers of treatment response
Tess Verneuil
Supervisor: James Stone
Second Morning Session
Self-Reported and Psychophysiological Arousal Responses to a Trauma Analogue in Autistic adults
Teresa Bertram
Supervisor: Freya Rumball
Proactive inhibition in eating disorders: exploring default state in anorexia and bulimia nervosa
Hollie Danby
Supervisors: Owen O'Daly & Savani Bartholdy/Samantha Rennalls
Functional segmentation of the frontal aslant tract
Alexander Read
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Understanding codeine use: exploring the experiences of codeine users
Felix Santos-Albert
Supervisors: Paolo Deluca & Andrea Kimergard
Urban environment and well-being: a pilot study using Ecological Momentary Assessment
Mireia Segui
Supervisors: Andrea Mechelli & Kyle Dyer
Resting state networks in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome resemble those in Neurodevelopmental Psychiatric Conditions
Charlotte Pretzsch
Supervisors: Eileen Daly & Grainne McAlonan
The effect of a massive open online course on attitudes toward addiction and intention for further study
Jim Skardon-Duncan
Supervisor: Kyle Dyer
First Afternoon Session
Grey matter correlates of hallucinations in schizophrenia
Jessica Roat
Supervisors: Veena Kumari & Dominic Ffytche
Measuring Anterior Cingulate Glutamate in Bipolar II and Schizophrenia
Cassandra Ngo
Supervisor: James Stone
Dorsal and ventral cingulum abnormalities and their association with cognitive and emotional processing in Autism: A diffusion tensor imaging tractography study
Jei Chiang
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Self-Other Control: the Control of Imitation in Alexithymia
Hannah Colgan
Supervisors: Geoff Bird & Punit Shah
Mapping the relationship between the built urban environment and addictive behaviours using geotagging and EMA
Jana Frobese
Supervisors: Andrea Mechelli & Kyle Dyer
The effects of Alcohol on Autonoetic Consciousness
Natalia Romeo Samo
Supervisors: James Smith-Spark & Kyle Dyer
The Effects of the Urban Environment, Impulsivity and Wellbeing on the Consumption of Alcohol using Ecological Momentary Assessment
Joonas Vehvilainen
Supervisors: Andrea Mechelli & Kyle Dyer
Comparative antipsychotic drug effects on sedation measures and reward processing in the healthy human brain
Nella Chua
Supervisors: Mitul Mehta & Peter Hawkins
Second Afternoon Session
Testing Reliability In EEG Techniques (TRIED) : Mobile vs. Laboratory
Tilly Smith
Supervisor: Charlotte Tye
The Impact of cigarette warning labels on non-smokers in China: findings from the ITC China survey
Zejun Li
Supervisor: Sara Hitchman
Vertical Connectivity in the Occipital Lobe
Zeead Yaghi
Supervisor: Marco Catani