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MSc Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry
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Schedule for poster presentations for full-time (2012-2013) MSc Neuroscience students on Monday 2nd September ('dry' lab) and Tuesday 3rd September ('wet' lab) in Sir Robin Murray Lecture theatres A & B

The following posters will be examined later

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Monday 2nd September ('dry' lab)

Morning Session 9:30 – 13:00
Identification of biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease progression in the blood transcriptome
Paul Oseghale
Supervisor: Martina Sattlecker
What is the impact of genome-wide discovered psychosis risk genes on brain structure and function? A systematic review
Rubina Gurung
Supervisor: Diana Prata
The NR3C1 rs10052947 short allele infers decreased volume of limbic areas in the human brain
Luke Smith
Supervisor: Cynthia Fu
How far have genome-wide association studies helped to identify the risk genes for psychosis? A systematic review
Senita Rani-Robinson
Supervisor: Diana Prata
Comparison of gene expression biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders
Susan Humby
Supervisor: Martina Sattlecker
Neural correlates of learning the value of actions in adults born preterm
Prakriti Agarwal
Supervisor: Chiara Nosarti
EEG microstrates in meditators: Analysis using E-Machines
Gwyn Jones
Supervisor: Elena Antonova
An investigation into the effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on food cravings
Maria Kekic
Supervisor: Ulrike Schmidt
Impairment of happy facial recognition and working memory in major depressive disorder: Behavioural analysis following antidepressant treatment
Janan Vijayarajan
Supervisor: Cynthia Fu
Effects of cognitive enhancers on psychophysiology, neurocognition and neurophysiology in patients with schizophrenia and healthy subjects
Amir-Hosseyn Yassari
Supervisor: Neal Swerdlow
Self-Transcendence and self-directedness related to the symptomatic and neural effects of THC in Healthy Individuals
Annesha Sil
Supervisor: Sagnik Bhattacharyya
Alexithymia and facial emotion recognition in healthy individuals
Rehemah Kayondo
Supervisor: Francesca Happé
The effect of tDCS with working memory training in a healthy population: Exploring a potential treatment for cognitive deficits in schizophrenia
Jasdeep Grewal
Supervisor: Sukhi Shergill
Prediction of long-term structural and functional brain and neuropsychological alterations after brain injury in very preterm birth
Susan Bahaduri
Supervisor: Chiara Nosarti
Salience and response inhibition networks in adults with psychopathy
Jasmeen Sidhu
Supervisor: Marco Catani
The effects of age and gender on facial emotion and identity recognition in adults
Chirag Mehra
Supervisor: Francesca Happé
A DTI tractography study of the cingulum bundle in first-episode psychosis
Ines Arsenio
Supervisor: Tiago Reis Marques
Short white matter tracts of the parietal lobe
Rebecca Beresford
Supervisor: Marco Catani
The relationship between white matter changes and cannabis use in first-episode psychosis: A DTI tractography study
Filipa Raposo Pereira
Supervisor: Tiago Reis Marques/dd>
Distant and local connectivity of the temporal lobes
Mikela Bouraimi
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Afternoon Session 13:45–16:30
Identifying the genetic contribution to suicide attempt in mood disorders
Niamh Mullins
Supervisor: Cathryn Lewis
Effect of environmental noise on oculomotor functions: Implications for schizophrenia
Amna Shah
Supervisor: Veena Kumari
Methadone adherence in those ‘picking up’ from a community-based pharmacy
Rajpreet Grewal
Supervisor: Kim Wolff
The Autism-Spectrum Quotient: A predictor of facial identity/emotion recognition?
Zachary Nadell
Supervisor: Francesca Happé
Effect of trait mindfulness on attention and information processing: an electrophysiological investigation
Shikher Chaudhary
Supervisor: Veena Kumari
Meta-analysis of temporo-parietal studies
Tanya Goromonzi
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Discriminating associative learning networks in the human brain: psychopharmacological modulation
Vasileia Kotoula
Supervisor: Mitul Mehta
Effect of mind training on attention and information processing: an electrophysiological investigation
Daniel Lu
Supervisor: Veena Kumari
Depression in schizophrenia investigated with fMRI of facial affect processing
Ashley Guinn
Supervisor: Veena Kumari
Relationship between surface anatomy and underlying local connectivity of the calcarine fissure
Charlotte Harrison
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Fronto-striatal connections and risk of psychosis in adults born preterm
Kerry Stevenson
Supervisor: Chiara Nosarti
The central sulcus: a further examination of morphology in relation to gender, handedness and connectivity
Mwanamkuu Maghembe
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Impaired interhemispheric communication in primary progressive aphasia
Mirela Velinova
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Life course predictors of the personality trait conscientiousness
Manu Singh
Supervisor: Michael Pluess


Tuesday 3rd September ('wet' lab)

Morning Session 9:30 – 13:00
Mitochondrial dynamics in EAN and novel methods for assessment of mitochondria in fixed tissues?
Pascale Baden
Supervisor: Marija Sajic
Olfactory processing in Drosophila
Hiranmay Joag
Supervisor: Camilla Larsen
Assessing pathology in a Q331K mutant TDP-43 mouse model of ALS
Priya Mehta
Supervisor: Jackie Mitchell
Mitochondrial growth dynamics in response to spinal hypoxia
Madeleine King
Supervisor: Ken Smith
Mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum interactions and Parkinson’s disease
Irene Pla Navarro
Supervisor: Sebastien Paillusson
The role of Neuroligin-3 and-4 in early dendrite development
Harrison Lowder
Supervisor: Deepak Srivastava
MicroRNA regulation of neural stem cell proliferation in the Drosophila CNS
Alice Smith
Supervisor: Rita Sousa-Nunes
The examination of amyloid beta trafficking in Drosophila Melanogaster through genetic manipulation
Nina Morais-Henry
Damien Crowther
Processes involved in tau degradation
Beatrice Alexander-Howden
Supervisor: Diane Hanger
Transynaptic labelling of connected neurons
Sarah Kemlo
Supervisor: Juan Burrone
The link between prenatal stress and predisposition to eating disorders in the offspring
Chloe Pinto
Supervisor: Alon Chen
Exploring saliva as a diagnostic bio-fluid for Alzheimer’s disease
Zahra Khan
Supervisor: Abdul Hye
The regulation of neurogenesis in adult hippocampal neural stem cells
Claudia Palmer
Supervisor: Albert Basson
Analysis of cerebellar Purkinje neuron development in a mouse model for syndromic autism
Kimberly Riegman
Supervisor: Albert Basson
Investigation of SULF 1 & SULF 2 expression and function in the cellular compartments of glioma cell lines
Zeeshan Khan
Supervisor: Gurjet Dhoot
The influence of astrocyte-mediated inflammation on tau processing and function
Jade Hawksworth
Supervisor: Wendy Noble
Life imaging of a synapse-associated protein linked to mental disorders
Vaia Kloukina
Supervisor: Robert Hindges
Exploring saliva as a diagnostic bio-fluid for Alzheimer’s disease
Hana Benzeer
Supervisor: Abdul Hye
Gene regulatory networks underlying astrocyte potential
Taryn Kalish
Supervisor: Angela Bithell
How to form specific synapses?
Magdalini Kyziridou
Supervisor: Robert Hindges
Assessing novel therapeutic strategies for juvenile NCL
Laura Bremner
Supervisor: Jon Cooper
investigating the role of Beta-Amyloid in stimulating double strand breaks in DNA in Alzheimer's disease
Manoj Edirisinghe
Supervisor: Richard Killick
TDP-43 regulation of dSarm in neuron-specific TDP-43 gain-of-function Drosophila melanogaster
Simon Lowe
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
Stress and ALS: A seeding event for disease?
Prutha Patel
Supervisor: Jackie Mitchell
Where does GSK3 sit in the "amyloid cascade"
Lara Hughes
Supervisor: Richard Killick
The role of APOJ in head injury: accumulation of APOJ protein in astrocytes
Rachel Smyth
Supervisor: Claire Troakes
The mitochondrial pathways of neurodegeneration: molecular regulation of mitophagy
James Crosby
Supervisor: Michelangelo Campanella
Characterising a new mouse model of NCL
Benjamin Jevans
Supervisor: Jon Cooper
The role of DNA repair in Alzheimer disease
Rasyeedah Samid Nor
Supervisor: Richard Killick
Molecular mechanisms of synaptic deficits in Alzheimer disease
Anshua Ghosh
Supervisor: Richard Killick
Afternoon Session 13:30 – 17:00
Investigating tau localisation and interacting proteins
Randa EL Sayed
Supervisor: Diane Hanger
Is tri-peptidyl peptidase 1 required for neural crest development?
Emma El Makdessi
Supervisor: Imelda McGonnell
Targeting the mitochondrial F1Fo-ATP synthase to treat Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis: an in vivo study
Alamin Mohammed
Supervisor: Michelangelo Campanella
The contribution of microglia to CLN2 disease-Late Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
Katerina Marinou
Supervisor: Claire Russell
Alterations in dSarm mRNA expression in a Drosophila model of TDP-43 related ALS
Fabio Simoes
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
Changes in highwire mRNA expression in a gain of function Drosophila model of ALS
Daniel Solomon
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
The influence of psychological, behavioural and social factors on pain experience in patients with chronic orofacial pain
Arti Srinivasan
Supervisor: Zehra Yilmaz
Identification of Abeta and/or DKK1 target genes involved in Abeta-mediated neurotoxicity
Chanel Hicken
Supervisor: Richard Killick
Signalling pathways underlying activity-dependent neuronal plasticity
Shivali Kohli
Supervisor: Matthew Grubb
The degradation and turnover of  FUS in transfected-cell model
Tamsin Sharp
Supervisor: Caroline Vance
Understanding the role of planar cell polarity at the neuroepithelial/neuron interface
Stefan Lewandowski
Supervisor: Caroline Formstone
Estimating penetrance in familial ALS kindreds with known disease causing mutations
Karan Lund
Supervisor: Bradley Smith
A longitudinal study in measuring inflammatory biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease pathology in patients’ plasma in conjunction with MRI hippocampal volume to predict disease progression
Karyuan Wong
Supervisor: Chantal Bazenet
Mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum interactions and Alzheimer’s disease
Sivanjaa Thanigasalam
Supervisor: Radu Stoica
Life Course Predictors of the Personality Trait Neuroticism
Sophie Bondje
Supervisor: Micheal Pluess
Schizophrenia: molecular mechanisms of omega-3 supplementation
Gracie Fisk
Supervisor: Patricia Zunszain
Nicotine-induced conditioned place aversions in mice - role of alpha5 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Wania Iftikar
Supervisor: Mohammed Shoaib
Screening candidate immune related genes for rare mutations and performing signalling network analyses
Renee Szyfer
Supervisor: Angela Hodges
Cadherin-9 expression analysis in the cerebellum
Greta Schachermayer
Supervisor: Uwe Drescher
Allele specific expression in stem cells and their differentiated progeny
Camille Straboni
Supervisor: Aaron Jeffries
Characterising mutations in the gene Profilin 1
Chun Hao Wong
Supervisor: Caroline Vance
The role of alpha2-chimaerin in the oculomotor system
Neerajan Sivarajah
Supervisor: Sarah Guthrie
Developmental expression profile of synaptic and disease associated proteins in conditionally immortalised human neural stem cells (CTX0E16/02)
Pooja Raval
Supervisor: Deepak Srivastava