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at The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London

Schedule for poster presentations for Full-time (2016-2017) students. Venue: Robin Murray A&B rooms (ground floor, main building), IoPPN.

Some posters have either been examined already or will be examined later


Poster Exam Schedule 1 - Wednesday 13th September 2017

First Morning Session
Row A (09:40 – 11:00)
Row B (09:40 – 11:00)
Row C (09:40 – 11:00)
Investigating the role of small G protein Arl8B in controlling local pre-synapse formation.
Student: Paolo Marchi
Supervisor: Uwe Drescher
Structural studies of ataxin-3 and its interactions.
Student: Busra Akyuz
Supervisors: Annalisa Pastore and Alessandro Sicorello
Comparison of potentially therapeutic compounds for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL).
Student: Basma Mohamed Bafadal
Supervisor: Claire Russell
Investigating the role of TSPO in mitonuclear interactions.
Student: Ofonime Ebong
Supervisor: Michealangelo Campanella
The role of Ellipsoid Body's D1-like Receptor in the initiation and maintenance of motor action and turning behaviour. 
Student: Miguel Delgado
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
Analysing the role of autophagy in neural circuit development.
Student: Hubashia Gazanfar Rizvi
Supervisor: Uwe Drescher
Revealing hemilineage based programs of cell death within the larval nervous system of Drosophila.
Student: Paola Vargas Gutierrez
Supervisor: Darren Williams
Regulation of neural stem cell quiescence by subcellular compartmentalisation.
Student: Hania Fiaz
Supervisor: Rita Sousa-Nunes
An audit to refine the genotype-phenotype relationship for familial motor neurone disease (MND) and MND-frontotemporal dementia (MND-FTD) within the local regional population.
Student: Caroline Hitchen
Supervisor: Chris Shaw and James Bashford
The role of coagulation factors in the development of AD pathology: Connecting blood and brain.
Student: Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana
Supervisors: Abdul Hye and Nick Ashton
Expression of nicotinic receptor sub-units in early fetal human cerebral cortex.
Student: Ridha Karim
Supervisor: Mohammed Shoaib
Cellular and molecular characterisation of the formation of the pineal organ.
Student: Altug Didikoglu
Supervisor: Clemens Kiecker
Second Morning Session
Row A (11:30 – 12:30)
Row B (11:30 – 12:50)
Row C (11:30 – 12:50)
Hormonal regulation of hippocampal neurogenesis in the postpartum period: examining the combined effects of prolactin and oestrogen in an in vitro model of human hippocampal neurogenesis.
Student: Thomas Bridge
Supervisor: Sandrine Thuret
Protecting the blood-brain-barrier from toxic insult: a therapeutic role for natriuretic peptides in hepatic encephalopathy?
Student: Tufan Dirik
Supervisor: Rob Fowkes
Visualising the functional development and maturation of presynaptic boutons.
Student: Sarah Cheseldine
Supervisor: Juan Burrone
Mechanisms of a-synuclein-induced synaptopathy in a Drosophila model of Parkinson’s disease.
Student: Dilshad Moulana
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
Regulation of neural stem cell quiescence by subcellular compartmentalisation.
Student: Agnes Wong-Chung
Supervisor: Rita Sousa-Nunes
C9orf72 RAN-translated protein plays a key role in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis via aggregation and toxicity.
Student: Deniz Akgul
Supervisor: Younbok Lee
Novel treatments for Parkinson's disease - a behavioural assessment study.
Student: Bintay Shah
Supervisor: Sarah Salvage
Imaging inflammation in the CNS.
Student: Lisa Montgomery
Supervisor: Diana Cash
Does the regulation of heparan sulfate proteoglycan sulfation influence the proliferation and migration of peripheral nerve sheath tumour derived Schwann cells?
Student: Alister (Nii Ayi) Hesse
Supervisor: Gurtej Dhoot
Can the integration of cortical GWAS and brain expression Quantitative Trait Loci (eQTLs) boost our ability to identify genes that contribute to human cognitive abilities?
Student: Young Ho Lee
Supervisor: Sylvane Desrivieres
Characterisation of a novel teneurin-4 CRISPR mutant zebrafish line.
Student: Andrea Szydlo-Shein
Supervisor: Robert Hindges
First Afternoon  Session
Row A (13:40 – 15:00)
Row B (There are no posters in this row)
Row C (13:40 – 15:00)
Role of the mitochondrial autophagy inhibitor TSPO sporadic Parkinson's disease models.
Student: Nikhita Anandji
Supervisor: Michealangelo Campanella
Title:Investigating Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis using induced pluripotent stem cells: generation and phenotypic screening.
Student: Emily Relton
Supervisors: Agnes Nishimura and Chris Shaw
The role of cortico-thalamic projection neurons in attention and impulsivity.
Student: Soraya Koushesh
Supervisor: Mohammed Shoaib
Novel blood-based predictions of Alzheimer's disease pathology.
Student: Aarushi Bajaj
Supervisors: Abdul Hye and Nicholas Ashton
Mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum interactions and autophagy in Parkinson's disease.
Student: Pol Picon Pages
Supervisor: Patricia Gomez Suaga
Investigating Dkk1 as a peripheral biomarker of Alzheimer's disease phenotypes.
Student: Anirudh Srinath
Supervisors: Richard Killick, Abdul Hye and Nick Ashton
Investigating the uptake properties of candidate peptides through the transferrin receptor for brain targeting of gold nanoparticles.
Student: Andrea Halsey
Supervisor: David Male
TREM2 signaling pathway leading to phagocytosis in Alzheimer's disease.
Student: Danielle Lee
Supervisor: Angela Hodges
Second Afternoon Session
Row A (15:30 – 16:30)
Row B (There are no posters in this row)
Row C (15:30 – 16:10)
Title:Turnover and degradation of the ALS-related protein FUS.
Student: Leela Phadke
Supervisor: Caroline Vance
Title:Characterising the effects of the Parkinson's Disease-linked LRRK2-G2019S mutation on SV2A expression in vivo as a function of age.
Student: Sophia Stumpfe
Supervisor: Anthony Vernon
Title:Exploring the exosome population in plasma from Alzheimer's disease.
Student: Anisha Raja
Supervisors: Abdul Hye and Nick Ashton
Effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines (MIF & IL-1ß)on human hippcampal progenitor cells: an in-vitro model of depression.
Student: Donya Fozoonmayeh
Supervisor: Carmine Pariante
Ex-vivo validation of plasma fibrinogen gamma.
Student: Alexi Msays
Supervisors: Abdul Hye and Nick Ashton


Poster Exam Schedule 2 - Thursday 14th September 2017

First Morning Session
Row A (09:40 – 11:00)
Row B (09:40 – 11:00)
Row C (09:40 – 11:00)
Investigating the role of EGFR in Alzheimer's disease.
Student: Hafsah Farooqui
Supervisors: Richard Killick and Mahvash Tavassoli
Clusterin expression in acute head injury.
Student: Adam Mold
Supervisor: Claire Troakes
Studying the contribution of tau phosphorylation to tau release: implications for tau propagation in Alzheimer's disease.
Student: Christopher Burtan
Supervisor: Wendy Noble
Investigating the induction of Dickkopf-1 by beta-amyloid, its effect on beta-amyloid production and rescue by dietary B vitamins, 9 and 12.
Student: Cerys Simpson
Supervisor: Richard Killick
Identification of Tenm3-positive cells in the nervous system and possible roles of this adhesion molecule in cell migration.
Student: Sadie Solagnier
Supervisor: Robert Hindges
Does ebselen, potential lithium-mimetic, decrease synaptic glutamate availability?
Student: Natasha Moses
Supervisor: Nisha Singh
Cortical progenitors in a mouse model of autism.
Student: David Harary
Supervisor: Laura Andreae
Regulation of GABAergic interneuron migration by EphB1/ephrin-B1 Signalling.
Student: Zukhrofi Muzar
Supervisor: Setsuko Sahara
GENESIS: Ketamine induced local protein synthesis and synapse formation.
Student: Hannah Creeney
Supervisors: Anthony Vernon and Deepak Srivastava
Investigating potential changes in the morphology of neurons generated from a novel mouse model of human tauopathy.
Student: Bianca Cronan
Supervisor: Diane Hanger
Investigating the regulation of the intracellular transport of Alzheimer's disease related signalling molecules.
Student: Nathan Gock
Supervisor: Gabor Morotz
Investigating cellular clearance pathway functionality in a mouse model of TDP-43 linked ALS.
Student: Indrani Datta
Supervisor: Jacqueline Mitchell
Second Morning Session
Row A (11:30 – 12:50)
Row B (11:30 – 12:50)
Row C (11:30 – 12:10)
The role of apolipoprotein E in stem cell maintenance during hippocampal neurogenesis.
Student: Sahar Attar
Supervisor: Sandrine Thuret
Effect of GBA on a-synuclein-mediated VAPB-PTPIP51 tethers.
Student: Shradha Kaushik
Supervisor: Sebastien Paillusson
Investigating the effect of chaperones on tau pathology.
Student: Alice Zhao
Supervisor: Maria Jimenez Sanchez
Folic Acid as a modulator of Wnt signalling and APP processing.
Student: Anitha Rahulan
Supervisor: Richard Killick
Co-release of acetylcholine and GABA from layer 1 interneurons.
Student: Akseli Surakka
Supervisor: Mohammed Shoaib
TGF-ß1 and BMP9 induced permeability of the blood brain barrier.
Student: Sharose Hussain
Supervisor: Patric Turowski
Role of Protocadherin 18 in the wiring of cortical interneurons.
Student: Teishel Joefield
Supervisor: Beatriz Rico Gozalo
Stress and depression: Assessing a model of stress in adult male mice.
Student: Amanda Kiemes
Supervisor: Cathy Fernandes
Characterization of astrocytic and neuronal responses to human brain-derived abeta.
Student: Luciana Gammallieri
Supervisor: Beatriz Gomez Perez-Nievas
Modulation of the age at onset by CAG repeats of ataxia genes in Amyothrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
Student: Nica Da Silva
Supervisors: William Sproviero, Abdul Hye and Ammar Al-Chalab
Afternoon Session
Row A (13:40 – 15:20)
Row B (14:40 – 15:20)
Row C (13:40 – 15:20)
Understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying estrogenic modulation of social behaviours.
Student: Deepthi Chandramohan
Supervisor: Deepak Srivastava
The study of the ethology of neurodevelopment disorders in cellular assays using patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells.
Student: Matthew Tegtmeyer
Supervisor: Jack Price
In vivo tag of Foxg1 using genome editing in zebrafish.
Student: Emily Graves
Supervisor: Corrine Houart
Birthdating dopaminergic neurons in the mouse olfactory bulb.
Student: Krishna Kothandapani
Supervisor: Matthew Grubb
Specification of cortical interneurons in health, neurological diseases, and stem cell therapy.
Student: Maayan Karlinski
Supervisor: Oscar Marin Parra
Using placebo analgesia to study sensory precision in autism and alexithymia.
Student: Eri Ichijo
Supervisor: Geoff Bird and Michel-Pierre Coll
Fast oscillations in the cerebellum.
Student: Sorrasaporn Joowong
Supervisor: Judith Nottage
Identifying novel therapeutic targets for repair following spinal cord injury.
Student: James Innes
Supervisor: Elizabeth Bradbury
The dipeptide-repeat protein poly-GR leads to alterations in pre-synaptic structure in a Drosophila model of C9orf72-related ALS/FTD.
Student: Eleanor Jones
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
Do Sulf1/Sulf2 modulate glial cell growth, differentiation or migration?
Student: Antonie Martiniuc
Supervisor: Gurtej Dhoot
Medulloblastoma Group 3: The role of KIAA1456 in cancer cell proliferation.
Student: Rob Bonemei
Supervisor: Albert Basson


Poster Exam Schedule 3 - Friday 15th September 2017

First Morning Session
Row A (09:40 – 11:00)
Row B (09:40 – 11:00)
Row C (09:40 – 11:00)
The effects of verbal suggestion on body perception.
Student: Laura Coronel Hernandez
Supervisor: Eamonn Walsh
Describing novel frontal lobe tracts in correlation with neuropsychological measures.
Student: Hana Abouzahr
Supervisor: Marco Catani
The role of uncertainty in belief formation.
Student: Pradyumna Sepulveda
Supervisor: Benedetto de Martino
The effects of verbal suggestion on body perception.
Student: Louis Taylor
Supervisor: Eamonn Walsh
Interoception and psychopathology.
Student: Sharmin Khan
Supervisor: Geoff Bird
Inter-individual variability of the three segments of the arcuate fasciculus in a large dataset processed with megatrack.
Student: Marcia Petyt
Supervisor: Marco Catani
An investigation of immune-related mechanisms in schizophrenia.
Student: Adrianna Kepinska
Supervisors: Conrad Iyegbe and Thomas Pollak
The influence of reward priority on ERP signatures of attentional selection and learning in clinical populations.
Student: Thomas Swart
Supervisor: Geoff Bird
A systematic review of the use of Immersive virtual reality to improve wellbeing and increase resilience.
Student: Giovanni Basile Garcia
Supervisor: Lucia Valmaggia
Hubs of U-shaped fibres in the human (motor and sensory) homunculus.
Student: Hannah Cumberland Keeble
Supervisors: Marco Catani and Henrietta Howells
Individual differences in perception of kinematic profiles in ASD and control targets.
Student: Sadie Hambleton
Supervisor: Geoff Bird
Evaluation of new semiautomatic analysis of white matter disconnection in stroke.
Student: Benjamin Hamblin-Pyke
Supervisors: Flavio Dell'Acqua and Marco Catani
Second Morning Session
Row A (11:30 – 12:30)
Row B (11:30 – 12:30)
Row C (11:30 – 12:50)
The effects of verbal suggestion on body perception.
Student: Laraib Mirza
Supervisor: Eamonn Walsh
The accuracy of clinical diagnosis in the Brains for Dementia Research cohort.
Student: Zohra Shah
Supervisor: Claire Troakes
How do social skills and autistic traits affect us in old age? Exploring data from a huge on-line study of ageing.
Student: Matthew Tanton
Supervisor: Francesca Happé
Inter-individual variability of the occipital lobe networks in the human connectome dataset.
Student: Shiroug Manan
Supervisors: Marco Catani and Ahmad Beyh
The influence of reward priority on ERP signatures of attentional selection and learning in clinical populations.
Student: Sandra Machon
Supervisors: Geoff Bird and Jennifer Murphy
A systematic review of the use of virtual reality with children and teenagers in mental health.
Student: Buse Uslu
Supervisor: Lucia Valmaggia
Validating a quantitative method to measure brain atrophy in post-mortem examination of neurodegenerative diseases.
Student: Sinem Eldek
Supervisors: Claire Troakes and Lucy Livingstone
Characterising associations between psychosocial, environmental factors and infant temperament in the first year of life.
Student: Zeinab Altayar
Supervisor: Charlotte Tye
Amygdala resting state connectivity in chronic ketamine users.
Student: Hana Haid
Supervisor: James Stone
Using 7 Tesla MRI to investigate resting state fMRI functional connectivity changes associated with Alzheimeras disease.
Student: Sana Bestwn
Supervisors: Sagnik Bhattacharyya and Latha Velayudhan
First Afternoon  Session
Row A (13:40 – 15:00)
Row B (13:40 – 15:00)
Row C (13:40 – 15:00)
Dissecting neurobiology of autism-associated aggression in a mouse model of autism spectrum disorder.
Student: Francesca Harland
Supervisor: Marija-Magdalena Petrinovic
In patients with a psychotic disorder, do Polygenic risks scores for Obesity explain independently of Antipsychotic treatment changes in body mass index between baseline and 5 years follow up?
Student: Shanice Tulloch
Supervisor: Evangelos Vassos
Comparison of tractography algorithms for synthetic datasets and the visual system.
Student: Robert Dallyn
Supervisors: Flavio Dell'Acqua and Marco Catani
Nocebo effect: how neurobiological and psychosocial factors interact in the generation of headache pain.
Student: Eleonora Camerone
Supervisor: Fabrizio Benedetti
Cerebral blood perfusion differences in anorexia nervosa following transcranial magnetic stimulation: a randomised control trial.
Student: Erica Maloney
Supervisors: Owen O'Daly and Samantha Rennals
Affective resting networks in chronic ketamine users.
Student: Inthushaa Indrakumar
Supervisor: James Stone
Is the corticolimbic hyperresponse to emotion observed in schizotypy driven by aberrant resting state connectivity of the hippocampus and striatum?
Student: Maria Waltmann
Supervisor: Gemma Modinos
Title Cognitive Function in Early and Late Onset Depressive Disorder.
Student: Irem Eraydin
Supervisor: Jonathan Huntley
Predicting response to cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosis using supervised machine learning.
Student: Eva Tolmeijer
Supervisors: Emmanuelle Peters and Liam Mason
The influence of personality on cannabis use and psychotic experience in adolescents in South London.
Student: Sophie Woolven
Supervisor: Clare Mackie
Family environment and the persistence of ADHD into young adulthood? A prospective longitudinal study.
Student: Kirk Sobers
Supervisors: Louise Arseneault amd Jessica Agnew-Blais
Investigating the relationship between severe mental illness and smoking cessation.
Student: Onah Ezukanma
Supervisor: Leonie Brose
Second Afternoon Session
Row A (15:30 – 16:50)
Row B (15:30 – 16:50)
Row C (15:30 – 16:50)
Investigating individual differences in response to non-invasive electrical stimulation.
Student: Miskatyas Aransih
Supervisors: Geoff Bird and Tegan Penton
The dorsal and ventral components of the cingulum dissected with tractography.
Student: Kittipoom Sripong
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Attitudes to personalized medicine amongst psychiatrists.
Student: Rizwanah Patel
Supervisor: James MacCabe
Identifying individual differences in the neural signature of self-blame for future optimisation of fMRI neurofeedback training.
Student: Nima Nariman Zadeh
Tractography analysis for white matter networks of  patients of stroke aphasia.
Student: Mohammed Swileh
Supervisors: Stephanie Forkel and Marco Catani
Title Segmenting the uncinate fasciculus into components related to behaviour, language and memory.
Student: Hannah Condon
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Neurobehavioural correlates of sensory symptoms in young people with tuberous sclerosis complex with and without autism spectrum disorder.
Student: Hodo Yusuf
Supervisors: Elizabeth Shephard and Patrick Bolton
The role of primary and secondary visual cortices in reward processing.
Student: Ash (Amir-Ashkahn) Entezari
Supervisors: Tianye Jia and Alex Ing
DNA methylation and psychotic experiences at age 18.
Student: Anwesha Dutta
Supervisor: Susannah Roberts
Cognitive impairment and depressive symptoms in people with Parkinsons disease with LRRK2, GBA or SNCA mutations.
Student: Tyrra D'Souza
Mental health meets literature: definition of causative and contributing environmental factors.
Student: Hui Wang
Supervisor: Honghan Wu
A cross-sectional study investigating cognitive and functional impairments in euthymic Bipolar disorder.
Student: Tanvi Mittal
Supervisors: James Stone and Becci Strawbridge