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at The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London

Schedule for poster presentations for Full-time (2015-2016) and Part-time (2014-2016) students. Venue: GYM, 1st Floor, Weston Education Centre (WEC), Denmark Hill Campus, Cutcombe Road, SE5 9RJ


Wednesday 14th September 2016

Morning Session 10:00-13:00hrs
How do late-onset Alzheimer’s biomarkers relate to the early-onset AD phenotype?
Soheila Djafari
Supervisors: Abdul Hye & Latha Velayudhan
Genetics of behavioural symptoms in dementia
Ioanna Katzourou
Supervisors: John Powell & Petra Proitsi
Detection of secondary insults to the acutely injured human brain using multimodal monitoring
Mohammed Hasen
Supervisor: Marytn Boutelle
Modulation of Brain Volume and Structure by Peripheral non-alcoholic fatty acid liver disease
Alexander Lee
Supervisor: Po-Wah So
Dopaminergic control of action selection for adaptive behaviour
Annabel Iwuchukwu
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
Understand Foxg1 dynamics in neuronal progenitors to uncover its role in Rett Syndrome and microcephaly
Eleni Mary Pitta
Supervisor: Corinne Houart
The influence of loss of function in Slit3 variants in nicotinic reward in zebrafish
Min Ji Kang
Supervisor: Caroline Brennan
Obtaining CLARITY in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Investigating striatal volume via 3D imaging of optically cleared brains in a mouse model of autism
Dhwani Korde
Supervisor: Laura Andreae
Modelling effects of maternal immune activation on neuronal development using induced pluripotent stem cells
Melek Firat Altay
Supervisor: Katherine Warre-Cornish
ErbB4 synapse-to-nucleus mechanisms for synaptogenesis
Jessica Eisold
Supervisor: Beatriz Rico Gozalo
Modulating excitation and inhibition in mouse models of autism with novel therapeutic agents
Laurel Fish
Supervisor: Laura Andreae
How are brain ventricles formed?
Deviana David
Supervisor: Richard Wingate
The role of sulfation in cell differentiation and proliferation in a glioma cell line
Wendy Foy
Supervisor: Gurtej Dhoot
Novel strategies to enhance neural plasticity after spinal cord injury
Ingrid Penzhorn
Supervisor: Elizabeth Bradbury
Drosphila models of Vici-Syndrome and related disorders
Bethany Bareham
Supervisor: Manolis Fanto
Functional study of ALS/FTD-associated mutations in TARDBP
Ho Sang Hui
Supervisor: Han-Jou Chen
Assessing novel candidate genes in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Tegan Fletcher
Supervisors: Bradley Smith & Martina De Majo
Non-nuclear role of RNA splicing proteins in motor development and degeneration
Jared Sydney-Smith
Supervisor: Corinne Houart
Expression of RARalpha in Human Cortical neurones and their regulation by Amyloid in Hypoxic and Non-Hypoxic conditions
Tanushree Dwivedi
Supervisor: Jonathan Corcoran
Validation of rare variants in inflammatory pathways associated with developing Alzheimer's disease (AD)
Manuela Kouakou
Supervisor: Angela Hodges
Investigating cognitive deficits associated with Parkinson's Disease
Yazead Buhidma
Supervisor: Sarah Salvage
Afternoon Session 13:30-17:00hrs
Role of sulfation in neuronal cell growth and survival
Ishani Chakravorty
Supervisor: Gurtej Dhoot
Do antipsychotics inflame the brain?
Bashir Mohamed
Supervisor: Ahad Rahim
Lentiviral mediated VEGF delivery to Schwann cells used in tissue engineering for the purpose of the peripheral nerve regeneration
Lina Bergstrom
Supervisor: Anthony Vernon
Molecular characterisation of feline melanocortin 4-receptor (MC4R) mutations; consequences for hypothalamic control of obesity
Krissie Ferris
Supervisor: Rob Fowkes
Plasma metal levels and risk for Alzheimer's disease
Meera Patel
Supervisors: John Powell & Po-Wah So
Studying synaptic involvement in Cln1 disease
Catherine Stringer
Supervisors: Jon Cooper & Deepak Srivastava
Novel cellular models of glioma intiating cells via Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)
Javier Rojo
Supervisors: Davide Danovi & Ignacio Sancho-Martinez
Transcriptional control of vertebrate forebrain development
Laura Buck
Supervisor: Clemens Kiecker
Defining region-specific gene expression markers of chronic stress exposure in a mouse model of depression
James Bozeman
Supervisor: Sandrine Thuret
Novel cellular models of glioma intiating cells via Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)
Maria Kokkali
Supervisors: Davide Danovi & Ignacio Sancho-Martinez
Therapeutic testing for CLN2 disease
Philip Eldridge
Supervisor: Claire Russell
3D imaging of optically cleared brains: investigating cortical volume in a mouse model of autism
Celeste Nilges
Supervisor: Laura Andreae
In vitro investigation of the effects of omega 3 fatty acids on parameters of Alzheimer's pathology
Bahriya Rafiuddin
Supervisors: Richard Killick & Abdul Hye
Comparison of potentially therapeutic compounds for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL)
Lucas Michaelides
Supervisor: Claire Russell
C9ORF72 interacting proteins in dementia and motor neuron disease
Bridget Benson
Supervisor: Chris Miller
The impact of DHX9 in reducing RNA foci in cells containing a C9orf72 G4C2 expansion
Kali-Jade Gunfield
Supervisor: Jean-Marc Gallo
Pharmacological Tackling of Neurotrama via TSPO ligands
Sasha-Marhys Antoine
Supervisor: Michelangelo Campanella
Role of Odd-skipped in neural specification
Karin (Sue) Yeoh
Supervisor: Camilla Larsen
Protein aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases: TDP43 and other model proteins
Priya Makwana
Supervisor: Annalisa Pastore
3D stem cell cultures
James Crowe
Supervisor: Deepak Srivastava
Using a high throughput technique to monitor tau pathology in a cell model of tauopathy
Kanchan Halai
Supervisor: Diane Hanger


Thursday 15th September 2016

Morning Session 10:00-13:00hrs
Blood brain barier integrity biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease plasma and cerebrospinal fluid?
Sasha Philbert
Supervisors:Abdul Hye & Nicholas Ashton
Mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum interactions and autophagy in ALS
Flaminia Di Dio
Supervisor: Patricia Gomez Suaga
p62 and autophagy in neurodegeneration
Emily Austin
Supervisor: Manolis Fanto
Investigating the regulation of the intracellur transport of cdk5/p35 and PP1C
Ahmed Farhan
Supervisor: Gabor Morotz
Astrocytes influence interactions between Abeta and tau to cause synaptotoxicity in AD
Natalia Dominik
Supervisor: Natalia Beatriz Gomez
Investigating neurodegenerative disease mechanisms related to tau pathology in a novel mouse model of human tauopathy
Sarah Freckleton
Supervisor: Diane Hanger
Investigating if Complement Factor H Protects or Promotes Beta-Amyloid Neurotoxicity
Akash Shah
Supervisor: Richard Killick
Cell-cell adhesion and regulation of inflammation in Muller Gial cells
Olivia Rezek
Supervisor: Karl Matter
Using Superresoultion microscopy to monitor nanoscopic changes in Synapse Structure on cortical neurons
Debbi Bolton
Supervisor: Deepak Srivastava
A Mendelian Randomization Study of Blood Transition Metal Levels and Risk for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Karen Crawford
Supervisors: John Powell & Petra Proitsi
Molecular mechanisms of TDP-43 dysfunction in a Drosophila model of ALS/FTD
Diogo Lourenco
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
Lentiviral mediated VEGF delivery to Schwann cells used in tissue engineering for the purpose of the peripheral nerve regeneration
Shakanna Muruganandan
Supervisor: Ahad Rahim
Imaging inflammation in the CNS
Tatiana De Araujo Marques
Supervisors: Diana Cash & Camilla Simmons
Role of defective RNA processing in the pathogenesis of C9orf72 - linked amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/frontotemporal dementia
Katrina Savory
Supervisor: Jean-Marc Gallo
Mechanisms underlying the development of tauopathy
Kanwal Ahmad
Supervisor: Diane Hanger
Design, expression and purification of ataxin-3 and its mutants for an understanding of the protein structure and dynamics
Usman Raza
Supervisor: Annalise Pastore
Investigating the role of G4C2 RNA foci and Dipeptides in ALS and FTLD
Peter Sloan
Supervisor: Younbok Lee
Molecular mechanisms of G4C2 hexnucleotide repeat expansion in a Drosophila model ALS/FTD
Clara-Louise Bartoletti
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
Impact of an intermittent energy restricted diet versus a daily calorie-restricted diet on recognition memory/pattern separation
Curie Kim
Supervisor: Sandrine Thuret
Effect of maternal immune activation on the expression of the translocator protein: a putative marker of microgliosis
Marguerite Sentilhes
Supervisor: Anthony Vernon
Do Sulf1 and Sulf2 demonstrate differential roles in neuroblastoma tumour growth?
Kavithanjali Krishnakumar
Supervisor: Gurtej Dhoot
Afternoon Session 13:30-17:00hrs
Development of the axon initial segment in zebrafish larvae
Barbara Cox
Supervisor: Matthew Grubb
Do antipsychotics inflame the brain?
Andria Joseph
Supervisor: Marija Sajic
Modulation of endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria interactions by tauopathy-associated mutations
Safiye Serdengecti
Supervisor: Dawn Lau
Mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum interactions in neurodegenerative diseases
Deyalage Perera
Supervisor: Sebastien Paillusson
TSPO and the Mitochondrial Molecular Signature of Neurodegeneration
Ethel Chan
Supervisor: Michelangelo Campanella
Screening and identifying glial and neuronal genes of Drosophila melanogaster in polyglutamine toxicity
Sashank Srinivasan
Supervisor: Manolis Fanto
Investigating tau propagation in cell culture and a novel vivo model
Hazim Halim
Supervisors: Wendy Noble & Matthew Wade
Isoform classification biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease: a focus on alpha-2-macroglobulin
Hannah Tiernan
Supervisors: Abdul Hye & Nicholas Ashton
Investigating the role of BIN 1 (bridging integrator 1) on ER stress and Alzheimer's disease
Matthew Taylor
Supervisor: Elizabeth Glennon
Mitochondrial function in peripheral nerves in pre-diabetes
Sharlini Varatharajah
Supervisor: Marija Sajic
Hibernation in a Petri dish: characterising temperature-dependent synaptic remodelling in vitro
Lopamudra Saha
Supervisor: Oleg Glebov
Do Sudanese medicinal plants contain potential anti-convulsants?
Saarah Mohammed-Ali
Supervisor: Claire Russell
Examination of KV3 channel modulators on the development and expression of sensitisation to locomotor stimulant effects of cocaine in rats
Sunny Desai
Supervisor: Mohammed Shoaib
Hippocampal place cell remapping in an aversive decision making task
Simon Serka Jiliberto
Supervisors: Joshua Johansen & Michiko Fujisawa
Direct conversion of fibroblasts to neurons as a cellular model for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Elizabeth Anderson
Supervisor: Agnes Nishimura
Do different TREM2 isoforms generate different signals in Alzheimer’s disease?
Hussein Jaafar
Supervisor: Angela Hodges
Role of CYFIP2 in Dementia
Natalie Meeson
Supervisor: Peter Giese
Investigating how Wnt signallig effects the amyloidogenic processing of APP
Hanifa Shah
Supervisor: Richard Killick
The effects of different types of stress impact on social interaction and the adult hippocampal neurogenesis
Daniela Pedro
Supervisor: Sandrine Thuret
Investigating how Wnt signallig effects the amyloidogenic processing of APP
Noreen Ishaq
Supervisor: Richard Killick
The role of mitochondria and autophagy in controlling axon branching of retinal ganglian cells
Irene Escudero
Supervisor: Uwe Drescher


Friday 16th September 2016

Morning Session 09:45-13:00hrs
Subdivision of the cingulum and altered connectivity in primary progressive aphasia
Helyne Adamson
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Clinical Risk Factors Associated with Clozapine associated neutropenia
Cai Hua Sim
Supervisors: James MacCabe & John Lally
How does psilocybin alter global visual processing?
Samuel Marriott
Supervisors: Mehta Mitul & Anthony Gabay
An exploration of reasons for e-cigarette use or non-use – A survey of British adult smokers and ex-smokers
Vinila Saladi
Supervisor: Leonie Brose
Sleep-Wake Regulation and Obesity
Nihan Albayrak
Supervisor: Hubertus Himmerich
Evaluating fMRI neurofeedback for treating anxiety symptoms
Nicholas Kog
Supervisor: Mitul Mehta
Examining the association between Interoception and Theory of Mind
Sonia Bhangu
Supervisor: Punit Shah
Disease phenotype analysis of plasma biomarkers
Raeesah Khan
Supervisors: Abdul Hye & Nicholas Ashton
A critical examination of the use of the EEG mu rhythm to study the human mirror neuron system
Chanroop Ghag
Supervisor: Geoff Bird
Semantic networks in primary progressive aphasia
Niki Drossinos Sancho
Supervisors: Marco Catani & Lucio D'Anna
Comparative Anatomy of Parietal Networks in Homo sapiens and Monkeys
Vincent Huynh
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Functional Network Analysis in stroke patients with aphasia
Danna Lee
Supervisor: Geoff Bird
A systematic review of the Mechanisms Underpinning Delirium- A Neuroscientific Perspective
Joel Petch
Supervisor: Jonathan Huntley
Whole-brain longitudinal analysis of white matter in children with autism
Antonia Machlouzarides-Shalit
Supervisors: Marco Catani & James Findon
Do city upbringing and impulsivity affect the relationship between environment and mental well-being? An ecological momentary assessment study
Ryan Hammoud
Supervisor: Andrea Mechelli
Sensorimotor gating in healthy individuals who experience symptoms of psychosis
Michelle Preston
Supervisor: Veena Kumari
Identifying intragyral white matter tracts
Tom Wilkins
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Combining functional neuroimaging and machine learning to classify psychiatric patients
Lea Baecker
Supervisor: Andrea Mechelli
Epigenetic and neuroimaging markers of sensitivity to the effects of delta-9-tetrahydroncannabinol on learning and psychosis
Matthew Nolan
Supervisor: Sagnik Bhattacharyya
Imaging ADHD: Cortical Thickness and White Matter Comparisons between Responders and Non-Responders to Stimulant Treatment
Holly Durrant
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Investigating the effect of previous cannabis exposure on brain function
Evan Murphy
Supervisor: Sagnik Bhattacharyya
Combining structural neuroimaging and machine learning to distinguish between patients with psychosis and healthy controls at the individual level
Daniar Maref
Supervisor: Andrea Mechelli
Atlas based autoradiography and registration to MRI
Karen Higgins
Supervisors: Diana Cash & Nisha Singh
Dorsal and ventral cingulum in ADHD
Giuseppe Fiorentino
Supervisors: Marco Catani & Valeria Parlatini
The role of histamine H3 antagonism on brain activity during episodic memory and learning
Laura Pilbeam Lobo
Supervisor: Mitul Mehta
Cardiac biomarkers and cognitive function in elderly
Annelotte Vriend
Supervisors: Behnam Sabayan & Simin Mahinrad
Is there an association between maternal childhood maltreatment and infant cognitive development?
Samantha Cassidy
Supervisors: Vaheshta Sethna & Sabine Landau
Electroconvulsive therapy in treatment-refractory schizophrenia - futility of utility?
Emily Breese
Supervisors: James Maccabe & John Lally
Afternoon Session 13:45-17:00hrs
Evaluating fMRI neurofeedback for treating anxiety symptoms
Bianca Oltean
Supervisor: Mitul Mehta
DNA methylation and sensitivity to the effects of cannabis
(Einar) Johan Moback
Supervisor: Sagnik Bhattacharyya
Altered Frontal Lobe Connectivity and Its Behavioural Correlates in Fronto-Temporal Dementia
Pedro Silva
Supervisor: Marco Catani
An EEG investigation of timing and behaviour
Aishwarya Vaidya
Supervisor: Grainne McLoughlin
Neuropsychiatric complications in phenylketonuria
Christopher Symeon
Supervisors: Mervi Pitkanen & Yusof Rahman
Theory of Mind in Aging
Patricia Hutchinson
Supervisors: Francesca Happe & Esra Zivrali
Maturation of White Matter Tracts in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Anne Fritz
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Investigating the neurocognitive regulation of anxiety states using suggestions and fMRI
Ezgi Yildiz
Supervisor: Mitul Mehta
Mechanisms of Traumatic Brain Injuries, GCS, and Neurological Outcomes
Dominic Mather
Supervisor: Kevin Tsang
Neurophysiological markers of autism spectrum disorder in infants with tuberous sclerosis complex
Hibo Hussein
Supervisor: Charlotte Tye
Ineroception in Anxiety, Depression, Alexithymia and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Neharika Nair
Supervisors: Geoff Bird & Punit Shah
Functional Network Analysis in stroke patients with aphasia
ChukWuka Orefo
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Individual Differences in Voluntary Action
Opeoluwa Lasile
Supervisors: Geoff Bird & Tegan Penton
Are there persistent changes in cortical glutamate levels following antidepressant ketamine infusion?
Rebecca Owens
Supervisor: Mitul Mehta
Body Image Oriented Cognitive Bias Modification (BINGO) – Pilot evaluation of a novel, neuropsychologically informed treatment approach for eating disorders
Kelly Humphrey
Supervisor: Ulrike Schmidt
Sensorimotor Gating in Patients with Bipolar Disorder and their Unaffected Relatives Measured by Prepulse Elicited Modulation of the Acoustic Startle Response
Elisa Taylor
Supervisor: Veena Kumari
Using resting-state functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to investigate functional connectivity in first episode psychosis
Vaisakh Puthusseryppady
Supervisor: Andrea Mechelli
The Hippocampal Changes in Older Patients with Sleep Apnoea: integration of structural neuroimaging and mRNA brain expression maps
Maria Dimitriadou
Supervisors: Ivana Rosenzwieg & Mattia Veronese
Anatomical and functional divisions of the ventral temporo-frontal system
Peter Bokor
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Identifying individual differences in the neural signature of self-blame for future optimisation of fMRI neurofeedback training
Nima Nariman Zadeh
Supervisor: Roland Zahn
Investigating the Neurophysiological Response to Reward and its Associations with Mood Reactivity and Anhedonia
Jenna Capobianco
Supervisors: Grainne McLoughlin & Laura Riddleston
The use of performance enhancing drugs: An online cross sectional survey of anabolic steroids users
Barny (Barnaby) Zoob Carter
Supervisor: Paolo Deluca
Impaired networks underlying reading abilities in patients with PPA
Youngheun Jo
Supervisors: Marco Catani & Ahmad Beyh
Stress, genes, brain and alcohol: association studies in adolescents
Radhika Chauhan
Supervisor: Sylvane Desrivieres
Investigating previous cannabis exposure to emotional processing
Karishma Patel
Supervisor: Sagnik Bhattacharyya
Effects of Methylphenidate and Atomoxetine on functional connectivity during inhibition and error processing in ADHD
Philippe Koulouris
Supervisor: Wendy Noble
Cognitive and EEG markers of ADHD and bipolar disorder in adult women
Isabella Vainieri
Supervisors: Jonna Kuntsi & Giorgia Michelini
Body Image Oriented Cognitive Bias Modification (BINGO) – Pilot evaluation of a novel, neuropsychologically informed treatment approach for eating disorders
Daniela Mercado Beivide
Supervisor: Ulrike Schmidt
Sleep-Wake Regulation and Obesity
Monique Murray
Supervisor: Hubertus Himmerich
Fear conditioning in young adults: a feasibilty study
Arundeep Parmar
Supervisor: Thalia Eley