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at The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London

Schedule for poster presentations for full-time (2013-2014) and part-time (2012-2014) students in seminar rooms A & B in the SGDP


Wednesday 17th September from 13:00 ('wet' lab)

First Afternoon Session
Row A (13:00 – 14:40)
Row B (13:00 – 14:00)
Row C (13:00 – 14:00)
Iron and oxidative stress in a neurodegeneration model
Achvini Sriskanthanathan
Supervisor: Po-Wah So
Effects of schizophrenia risk variation on the expression of CACNB2 in adult human brain
Darren Byrne
Supervisor: Nick Bray
Studying the mechanistic interplay of Aß and tau in different models of Alzheimer’s disease
Pavlina Mastrandreas
Supervisor: Wendy Noble
Impact of inflammation on brain development - a zebrafish model
Sara Gil
Supervisor: Corinne Houart
Imaging the impact of environment, stress and diet on brain plasticity, structure and function
Paola Barriguete Chavez Peon
Supervisor: Diana Cash
The role of the small GTPase Ral in activity-dependent synapse formation
Luis Alejandro Gonzalez-Blazquez
Supervisor: Juan Burrone
The role of Chd8 in autism - a zebrafish model
Ludovica Di Canio
Supervisor: Imelda MCcGonnell
Adult hippocampal neurogenesis in an inflammation-based in vivo model of depression
Katerina Christodoulou
Supervisor: Sandrine Thuret
Assessing the impact of a novel anti-inflammatory compound in juvenile NCL
Nanet Willumsen
Supervisor: Jon Cooper
Mapping timecourse of neurodegeneration in a-synuclein rat model of PD
Natascha Schneider
Supervisor: Diana Cash
The effects of beta-amyloid on p53 dependent gene transcription
Abigail Otchere
Supervisor: Richard Killick
Second Afternoon Session
Row A (15:00 – 16:20)
Row B (14:20 – 15:20)
Row C (14:20 – 15:40)
Targeting Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Neurodegeneration
Tatum Cummins
Supervisor: Michelangelo Campanella
Effects of psychosis risk variation on the cis-regulation of CACNA1C in the human brain
Carolina Toste
Supervisor: Nick Bray
Epigenetic regulation by the autism-associated factor CHD8
Blanca Pijuan
Supervisor: Albert Basson
Investigating the relationship between astrocytes and tau pathology in AD?
Meron Maricos
Supervisor: Wendy Noble
TDP-43 AND G4C2 hexanucleotide repeat expansion in a Drosophila model of ALS and FTD
Sam Davies
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
Molecular mechanisms of cranial motor nucleus formation
Ana Uzquiano
Supervisor: Sarah Guthrie
Exploring the potential of AAV-mediated gene therapy in juvenile NCL
Sammie Cuka
Supervisor: Jon Cooper
Molecular and anatomical study of memory in old age
Kamillia Kasbi
Supervisor: Peter Giese
Molecular Mechanism and Consequences of Drebrin Loss in Alzheimer's Disease
Jana Dancikova
Supervisor: Phillip Gordon-Weeks


Thursday 18th September ('wet' lab)

First Morning Session
Row A (10:00 – 11:20)
Row B (10:00 – 11:20)
Row C (10:00 – 11:20)
Investigating the role of Fat2 in glia in Drosophila
Sabrina Ahmed
Supervisor: Manolis Fanto
Notch pathways in early neuronal differentation
Lejo Prasad
Supervisor: Walter Luchessi
Thyroid hormone and retinoid acid signalling at the rhombic lip
Shuo Yang
Supervisor: Richard Wingate
Drug testing for CLN3 disease
Virginia Brickell
Supervisor: Claire Russell
Characterisation of the role of Fat4-Dchs1 in the post-natal hippocampal niche
Mehjabin Ahmed
Supervisor: Philippa Francis-West
Species comparison of SOD1 variants in veterinary neuromuscular diseases
Alexandra Draper
Supervisor: Richard Piercy
Fat-PCP regulation of SVZ differentiation and tangential migration
Maja Mazurek
Supervisor: Giovanna Lalli
Identifying genomic targets of the autism- associated chromatin remodeller CHD8
Genevieve Porter
Supervisor: Albert Basson
Investigating astrocyte dysfunction in infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
Erika Cordova Luna
Supervisor: Jon Cooper
The effects of EGR1, KLF10 on CREB dependent gene transcription
Emily Walsh
Supervisor: Richard Killick
Role of the GTPase proteins in MEFs modulated for IF1
Suin Choi
Supervisor: Michelangelo Campanella
Investigating the process of tau pathology in a new transgenic mouse model of tauopathy
Christopher Meehan
Supervisor: Diane Hanger
Second Morning Session
Row A (11:40 – 13:00)
Row B (11:40 – 13:00)
Row C (11:40 – 13:00)
In vitro reprogramming of differentiated cortical glia cells into neural progenitors using small molecules
Natalia Yankova
Supervisor: Setsuko Sahara
Investigating Autophagy and the ubiquitin proteasome system in ALS disease-linked TDP-43 cellular models
Ailbhe Brennan
Supervisor: Jacqueline Mitchell
Acute alcohol effects upon prospective memory
Miranda Heneghan
Supervisor: Kyle Dyer
Molecular mechanisms of TDP-43 mediated neurodegeneration
Katherine Rumbold
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
Organising neuronal circuits via planar polarity signalling
Christopher Clifford
Supervisor: Caroline Formstone
Neurocognition and symptom severity in an At Risk Mental State cohort: effects on social and role function
Simon Lott
Supervisor: Rebecca Smith
Investigating a novel mechanism underlying neuronal calcium abnormalities in models of Alzheimer’s disease
Giacomo Dentoni
Supervisor: Wendy Noble
Mechanisms of G4C2-derived dipeptide repeat protein toxicity in ALS and FTD
Greta Spinelli
Supervisor: Frank Hirth
The effect of familial Alzheimer’s disease presenilin mutations on kinesin light chain phosphorylation
Stephanie Maury
Supervisor: Elizabeth Glennon
Investigating the localisation of Fused in Sarcoma (FUS) to the synapse
Yasmin Hall
Supervisor: Jacqueline Mitchell
Effects of the Alzheimer’s Disease Systemic Environment on hippocampal neurogenesis
Chiara De Lucia
Supervisor: Sandrine Thuret
Imaging inflammation in the CNS
Mohammad Abdelkarim
Supervisor: Diana Cash
First Afternoon  Session
Row A (14:00 – 15:20)
Row B (14:00 – 15:00)
Row C (14:00 – 15:00)
Imaging the impact of environment, stress and diet on brain plasticity, structure and function
Karen Randall
Supervisor: Diana Cash
Expression of Inwardly Rectifying Potassium Channel 7.1 in Neurogenic Niches of the Adult Mouse with Relevance to Neurodegeneration
Gemma Fryatt
Supervisor: Arthur Butt
Circuits neuroscience: developing viral vectors to trace neuronal connectivity in the sleep system
Lauren Strother
Supervisor: Alessio Delogu
Chromatin remodelling mechanisms in Kallmann syndrome
John Russell
Supervisor: Cynthia Andoniadou
Emily Bell
Supervisor: Jonathan Corcoran
Characterisation of microglia in TREM2 Alzheimer's disease carriers
Lawrence Sivakumar
Supervisor: Angela Hodges
Exploring if Tau and phosphorylated Tau are present in human plasma exosomes and associated with the progression of Alzheimer’s disease
Ahmad Al Khleifat
Supervisor: Chantal Bazenet
Effect of heat shock protein-inducing compound, Paeoniflorin, on the ALS-associated TDP-43 protein pathology
Lindsey Caldwell
Supervisor: Han-Jou Chen
Enriching for phosphorylation in plasma: discovery of putative novel markers of Alzheimer’s disease
James Morgan
Supervisor: Abdul Hye
Examining the cytoarchitectural changes between controls, MCI and AD brains using histology, MRI and DTI techniques
Ribeya Mahmood
Supervisor: Steven Chance
Second Afternoon Session
Row A (15:40 – 17:00)
Row B (15:20 – 16:00)
Row C (15:20 – 16:20)
Regulation of autophagy and neurodegeneration in Drosophila by genes involved in human neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative pathologies
Lara Jansen
Supervisor: Manolis Fanto
The effects of advanced paternal age on mouse behaviour
Neha Koratamaddi
Supervisor: Cathy Fernandes
APOE as a modulator of wnt signalling
Fauzia Imam
Supervisor: Richard Killick
Inflammation in iron-induced neurodegeneration
Semhar Abraha
Supervisor: Po-Wah So
Knocking down micro-RNA 497 in human hippocampal stem cells: effect on Klotho & Wnt3A expression
Alina Nix
Supervisor: Sandrine Thuret
The role of the complement cascade in the context of AD
Ahsan Rasheed
Supervisor: Elena M. Ribe Garrido
Characterization of neural circuits in the mammalian retina
Allende Miguelez
Supervisor: Uwe Drescher
Clusterin as a modulator of wnt signalling
Sharifah Zahra Binti Anoar
Supervisor: Richard Killick
ATP13A2 deficient mice: a potential model of a new form of NCL
Elizabeth Jones
Supervisor: Elizabeth Jones


Friday 19th September ('dry' lab)

First Morning Session
Row A (10:00 – 11:20)
Row B (10:00 – 11:20)
Row C (10:00 – 11:20)
Cerebral perfusion networks in prodromal psychosis
Ayla Mansur
Supervisor: Paul Allen
AKT1 SNP rs1130233 methylation levels and their effect on fear processing with delta-­-9-­-tetrahydrocannabinol
Grace Blest-Hopley
Supervisor: Sagnik Bhattacharyya
Threat Processing and Depression in Schizophrenia : An fMRI study
Gurpreet Loyal
Supervisor: Veena Kumari
Genetic pathway analysis in schizophrenia
Klaudia Scibior
Supervisor: De Jong Simone
Covert and overt pathways for naming
Petra Gorham
Supervisor: Flavio Dell'Acqua
A qualitative study of individuals' natural history of e-cigarette product use
Lindsey Markey
Supervisor: Sara Hitchman
Perceptual Style and Social Cognition: Searching for the Autistic Phenotype in the Typically Developing Population
Jonathan Prunty
Supervisor: Francesca Happe
Investigating a neuroimaging biomarker for sensitivity to the effects of cannabis
Anum Shivji
Supervisor: Sagnik Bhattacharyya
The Effect of Posttraumatic Tasks on Free and Cued recall
Aysheh Abu Hassan
Supervisor: Freya Rumball
Comparative anatomy of the frontal lobe connections
Lilia Papst
Supervisor: Flavio Dell'Acqua
Exploring the effects of motivational distractors on proactive and reactive response inhibition
Jiumu Cheng
Supervisor: Savani Bartholdy
Development of networks for communication in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Omid Maddah
Supervisor: Stefano Sandrone
Second Morning Session
Row A (11:40 – 13:00)
Row B (11:40 – 13:00)
Row C (11:40 – 13:00)
Developing and evaluating an imaging classifier for schizophrenia
Yucy Fang
Supervisor: Oliver Howes
Comparative anatomy of networks for language knowledge and use
Matthew Dawson
Supervisor: Flavio Dell'Acqua
Investigating a neuroimaging biomarker for sensitivity to the effects of cannabis
Sean Harrison
Supervisor: Sagnik Bhattacharyya
Patterns of cerebellar lateralisation in left and right handers: a structural and connectional MRI study
Eva Periche Tomas
Supervisor: Etta Howells
Treatment response: predictive potential of white matter abnormalities in first- episode psychosis
Bailey Stewart
Supervisor: Tiago Reis Marques
Do computerised cognitive interventions improve general cognition in Mild Cognitive Impairment? A Meta-analysis and Meta-regression
Jack Cahill
Supervisor: Jonathan Huntley
Metacognition and attribution of difficulty for self and other in Alzheimer's disease
Caitlin Wickens
Supervisor: Robin Morris
The role of circadian genes in addictive disorders
Laura Forde
Supervisor: Gursharan Kalsi
Social Conformity and Brain Stimulation
Katerina Capouskova
Supervisor: Geoff Bird
Functional Dynamic Tract Imaging
Francisco De Santiago Requejo
Supervisor: Flavio Dell'Acqua
The Relationship Between Autistic Traits & Traumatic Memory
Adriene Berkeley
Supervisor: Freya Rumball
Effect of Mindfulness Meditation on Anti-saccadic Eye Movements
Eva Machado
Supervisor: Veena Kumari
First Afternoon Session
Row A (14:00 – 15:20)
Row B (14:00 – 15:20)
Row C (14:00 – 15:20)
Social and role functioning in ARMS: the effects of neurocogntition and symptom severity
Simon Clark
Supervisor: Matthew Kempton
Methods of discontinuing antidepressant medication (tricyclics, SSRIs and SNRIs)
Emma Wilson
Supervisor: Malcolm Lader
OCD in the at risk mental state for psychosis
Elizabeth Pillai
Supervisor: Lucia Valmaggia
Legal highs and internet, assessing emerging trends in recreational drug abuse
Katy Win
Supervisor: Paolo Deluca
Does Mindfulness Training Improve Body Awareness in Naïve Mindfulness Practitioners
Daisy Bland
Supervisor: Tamara Russell
How internal, personal and situational attribution affects ToM score on advanced ToM tests
Andrew Field
Supervisor: Francesca Happe
Is the Insula the gateway to compulsivity/impulsivity?
David Howett
Supervisor: David Belin
White matter pathways underlying depression and anxiety in Autism Spectrum Disorder
James Findon
Supervisor: Marco Catani
Asymmetry of the arcuate fasciculus in the Human Connectome Project
Laura Galimam
Supervisor: Flavio Dell'Acqua
An exploration of traumatic thought intrusions and their relationship to alexithymia
Leora Bolger
Supervisor: Freya Rumball
Precision grasping and lateralization of thalamo-frontal and thalamo-parietal fibres
Naianna Robertsson
Supervisor: Etta Howells
Second Afternoon Session
Row A (15:40 – 16:40)
Row B (15:20 – 16:20)
Row C (15:40 – 17:00)
The Role of frontal aslant tract in social cognition: a tractography study in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Gerard Sanders
Supervisor: Abigail Thompson
Epigenetic and neuroimaging markers of sensitivity to the effects of delta-9-tetrahydroncannabinol on learning and psychosis
Matthew Nolan
Supervisor: Sagnik Bhattacharyya
Emotion Processing and Violence in Psychosis: An fMRI study
Karthikan Yogarajah
Supervisor: Veena Kumari
Translatable Cognitive testing battery for children and adults with autism
Araceli Kilpatrick
Supervisor: Eva Loth
Change in depression after smoking cessation
Ochuko Apio
Supervisor: Leonie Brose
Neuropsychological study on right-hemisphere patients
Arturo Kerbel
Supervisor: Katerina Fotopolou
Atalasing connections with diffusion imaging tractography
Nange Sam
Supervisor: Flavio Dell'Acqua
A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Population-Based Studies of Premorbid Intelligence in Bipolar Disorder
Myron Tsikandilakis
Supervisor: Eugenie Kravariti
Mapping cognitive tracts in the frontal cortex of ms patients had comparing against controls. Also comparing the level of cognition using neuropsychological tests collected
Ifrah Iidow
Supervisor: Claudia Wheeler-Kingshott
An investigation of impulsivity in eating disorders and obesity
Rifka Chamali
Supervisor: Jessica McClelland