Henry Wellcome building

The Psychology building is named after Henry Wellcome, who founded the Wellcome Trust and who, in 1898, moved his Wellcome Physiological Research Laboratories from central London to Brockwell Hall in Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, less that 3km from the Institute. It was in these laboratories that Sir Henry Dale began his research career with studies on the pharmacology of ergot alkaloids, the identification of acetylcholine and histamine culminating, after his becoming Director of the National Institute for Medical Research, in his work on chemical transmission at synapses for which he and Otto Loewi were awarded the Nobel prize.

The experimental pharmacology laboratory of the Wellcome Physiological Research Laboratories in 1909. The figure second from the left is Henry Dale.

The Wellcome laboratories moved to Langley Park in Beckenham close to the Bethlem Royal Hospital, in 1921, later becoming part of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

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