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Professor Mark P Richardson  MA PhD FRCP
Paul Getty III Professor of Epilepsy
Director, Institute of Epileptology


Institute of Psychiatry
Box  P043
De Crespigny Park
United Kingdom, SE5 8AF

location N0:05
1 - 2 Windsor Walk
departmentsClinical Neuroscience
alsoEpilepsy Research Group
Experimental Neurology


Mark Richardson is a neurologist specialising in epilepsy. His lab studies people with epilepsy using neuroimaging and neurophysiological techniques. Current work aims to understand the brain networks underlying epilepsy, how these network abnormalities affect cognition, and whether interventions targetting specific components of the network can improve epilepsy. He collaborates with mathematicians and engineers in developing computational models to explain phenomena associated with epilepsy and cognition.

Current areas of interest include:
- fMRI of memory function;
- multimodal imaging to reveal brain networks involved in epilepsy;
- imaging of thalamus;
- exploring computational models to understand the onset and evolution of seizures (in collaboration with John Terry);
- using microwires to obtain in vivo signals of extracellular action potentials and local field potentials in patients with epilepsy (in collaboration with Rodrigo Quian Quiroga);
- applying transcranial magnetic brain stimulation to improve the diagnosis of epilepsy, and to better understand response to AEDs;
- identifying endophenotypes using novel imaging and electrophysiological methods;
- developing a better understanding of SUDEP and its prevention (in collaboration with Epilepsy Bereaved).

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