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Dr Sabine Landau  PhD

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Institute of Psychiatry
Box  P020
De Crespigny Park
United Kingdom, SE5 8AF

location S2.06
South Wing
alsoClinical Trials Unit


After graduating with a "Diplom in Statistik" at the University of Dortmund, Germany (1992) I started working as a Scientific Officer in the Statistics Department at the Institute of Arable Crop Research Rothamsted, Harpenden. This led to my PhD research (1994-1996) jointly at Rothamsted and the University of Nottingham, Department of Physiology and Environmental Science on modelling crop yields.

I joined the Institute of Psychiatry, London in 1997 as Lecturer in Biostatistics (1997-2003) progressing to Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics (2003-2007) in the Department of Biostatistics and Computing. I was appointed Reader in 2007. I became acting and later full Head of the Biostatistics Department in 2005-2009. During this time, for a period (2008-2009), I also headed the local Mental Health & Neurosciences Clinical Trials Unit.

I am on sabbatical at the University of Cambridge MRC Biostatistics Unit and the University of Manchester, Health Methodology Research Group until December 2010.

activities and interests

Most of my work is concerned with substantive applications of statistical methododology to answer questions posed in mental health research studies. I have previously carried out methodological research in the areas of spatial statistics as applied in neuropathology and cluster analysis.

I am generally interested in obtaining valid statistical inferences when not all process variables can be observed (latent variables or random effects) with the ultimate aim of making statements about causal population parameters.

More recently I have become focused on the statistical design and analysis of randomised trials of complex interventions. Many behavioural interventions are complex in that they consist of several active ingredients and imply mechanisms of action that involve treatment effects on clinical outcomes operating via intermediate outcomes. Key methodological issues in the evaluation of such interventions are noncompliance, mediators subject to hidden confounding, measurement error and missing values.

I am a member of the UK Mental Health Research Network (MHRN)-funded Methodology Research Group and the Royal Statistical Society General Applications (GAS) committee.

teaching activities

Biostatistics courses taught as part of IOPs general programmes on Behavioural Research Methodology

Introduction to Stata

Statistical analysis of Longitudinal and Clustered Data using Stata

Introduction to Missing Data

Meta-analysis using Stata

Introduction to Causal Inference

External courses

Current Issues in Design and Analysis of Mental Health Trials, MHRN Conference Nottingham, 2009

Missing Data in Mental Health Research: A Practical Approach using Stata, MRC BSU Cambridge, 2010


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(2) Substantive Research (recent)

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