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Professor Michael John Brammer  B Sc Ph D
Professor of Neuroimaging
Head of Brain Image Analysis Unit

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tel020 3228 3051
fax020 3228 2116

Institute of Psychiatry
Box  P
De Crespigny Park
United Kingdom, SE5 8AF

location L3.05
Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences


Graduated in Biochemistry at the University of Leeds, 1970. Went on to do a Ph D in Neurochemistry ( inter-membrane lipid transfer ) also at Leeds ( awarded 1974). In 1976 moved to the Institute of Psychiatry as a Lecturer in Biochemistry. Research interests were membrane synthesis, second messenger measurement and function, presynaptic neuropharmacology. promoted to Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry in 1984. In 1992 began work on fractal analysis of EEG and MRI analysis. Promoted to Reader in Neuroimaging in 1997 and Professor of Neuroimaging in 2000. Co-founder of Brain Image Analysis Unit in 1996 ( with Ed Bullmore).
Appointed Visiting Professor in Imaging at the Institute for Advanced Transdisciplinary Studies in Belo Horizonte Brazil in 2004 and a Fellow of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences in 2007.

Interests, walking, Spanish and Portuguese literature, history of mathematics, physics and statistics.

activities and interests

Head of Brain Image Analysis Unit

Research interests include, non-parametric statistics, wavelet analysis, fractal analysis, time series analysis, non-linear dynamical systems and analysis of MRI data, machine learning, use of imaging data for diagnosis and treatment response prediction.


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