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Professor Theresa M Marteau  PhD FMedSci
Professor of Health Psychology

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tel020 7188 0192
fax020 7188 0195
addressKing's College London
Psychology & Genetics Research Group
Department of Psychology (at Guy's)
Institute of Psychiatry
5th Floor Thomas Guy House
Guy's Campus
London SE1 9RT
location G65 050 400
Thomas Guy House
alsoHealth Psychology


Having studied Social Psychology at the London School of Economics, I undertook clinical training at the University of Oxford, Wolfson College. Following five years working as a clinical psychologist, I studied for a PhD in Health Psychology at the University of London. I have been Professor of Health Psychology at Kings College, London since 1995.

Other positions currently held:

Director - Behaviour and Health Research Unit. University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine [weblink]

Director - Centre for the Study of Incentives in Health [weblink]

Director - Hughes Hall Centre for Biomedical Science in Society [weblink]

Senior Visiting Fellow at The University of Cambridge School of Medicine

Fellow, Hughes Hall, Cambridge

Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Fellow of the Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences


My research focuses on emotional, cognitive and behavioural responses to health risk information, and the effectiveness and acceptability of individual and population-level interventions to change behaviour.


Centre for the Study of Incentives in Health: Wellcome Trust Biomedical Ethics Strategic Award. April 2009-April 2014 [weblink]

Risk communication in preventive medicine: optimising the impact of DNA risk information. Medical Research Council January 2006 – January 2010.

Didactic versus informed choice invitations to screening: balancing public health benefits and individual choice. June 2006 - December 2009. The Wellcome Trust

Facilitating informed choices with non-invasive prenatal diagnosis and neonatal screening. European Union February 2004 - February 2009.

Patient representations of abnormal liver function tests: Birmingham and Lambeth Liver Evaluation Testing Strategies (BALLETS) NHS R&D Programme 1 April 2005 – April 2009.

Increasing self-efficacy to quit smoking using cognitive-behavioural techniques. Cancer Research UK PhD studentship for Mairtin McDermott, October 2006 - September 2010.

Increasing the quantity of referrals to NHS Stop-Smoking Services by addressing motivational and volitional processes. CRUK PBS Postdoctoral Fellowship awarded to Dr Florian Vogt. £150,000 March 2007 - February 2011.



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Hollands GJ, Prestwich A, Marteau TM. Using aversive images to enhance healthy food choices and implicit attitudes: an experimental test of evaluative conditioning. Health Psychology 2011

Marteau TM, French DP, Griffin SJ, Prevost AT, Sutton SR, Watkison C, Attwood S, Hollands GJ. Effects of communicating DNA-based disease risk estimates on risk-reducing behaviours. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2010 issue 10 Art. No.: CD007275. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD007275.pub2

Collins RE, Wright AJW, Marteau TM. Impact of communicating personalized genetic risk information on perceived control over the risk: a systematic review. Genetics in Medicine 2011

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Marteau TM, Ashcroft RE, Oliver A. Using financial incentives to achieve healthy behaviour BMJ 2009; 338: b1415

last updated: Friday, January 21, 2011