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Dr Daniel Stahl  

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addressDept of Biostatistics
Institute of Psychiatry
Kings College London
De Crespigny Park
London SE5 8AF, UK
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Daniel Stahl studied biology at the University of Tübingen (major: animal and human behaviour). He did his PhD on food competition in captive sooty mangabeys (an African primate species) at the German Primate Center , Göttingen, Germany and Yerkes Primate Center, Atlanta, USA. Afterwards he decided to specialize in statistics in behavioural sciences and studied "Biometrics for Scientists" at the Mibeg Institute, Tübingen. Since then, he worked as a statistician, first at the Research Unit for Wildlife Population Assessment, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St. Andrews and then at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (Departments of Developmental Psychology and Primatology). In January 2006 he joined the Department of Biostatistics and Computing.

activities and interests

Secretary of the German Primatological Society from 2006-2009

Professional memberships:
Royal Statistical Society
International Biometrical Society
Methodology Research Group of the UK Mental Health Research Network
German Primatological Society
International Primatological Society

teaching activities

  • Structural equation modeling

  • Causal modeling

  • Introduction to statistics for DClinPsych students

  • Scale development

  • Multiple comparison methods

  • Model selection using information criteria

  • Introduction to SPSS

  • Research Methods and Introductory Statistics

  • Previous courses:
  • Multilevel modeling
  • Introduction to statistics
  • Advanced statistics
  • Nonparametric statistics and exact tests
  • Multivariate statistics
  • Crash course statistics

  • RoleCourse
    Clinical Psychology ( DClinPsy ) » Doctorate


    List of articles, technical reports and book chapters


    Accepted/in press

    (51) Cella, M, Stahl, D., Reme, S.R. and Chalder, T. (accepted) Therapist effects in routine psychotherapy practice: an account from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Psychotherapy Research

    (50) Annika Patzelt, Dietmar Zinner, Gisela Fickenscher, Sarany Diedhou, Becaye Camara Daniel Stahl and Julia Fischer (accepted) Group composition of Guinea baboons (Papio papio) at a water place suggests a fluid social organisation. International Journal of Primatology

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    (32) Van den Eynde, F.. Claudino, A., Mogg1, A. Horrell1, L., Stahl, D. Ribeiro, W., Uher, R., Campbell, I. and Schmidt, U. (accepted) Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation reduces cue–induced food craving in bulimic disorders.

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    2005 and before

    (7) Striano, T. and Stahl, D. (2005): Sensitivity to triadic attention in early infancy. Developmental Science(4), 333-343.

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    Technical reports

    (T8) Quirk, A., Smith, S.C., Hamilton, S., Lamping, D.L., Lelliott, P. , Stahl, D., Pinfold, V. and Andiappan, M. (2008) Development and Validation of the Carer Well-Being and Support (CWS) Questionnaire. Final Report to National Co-ordinating Centre for the National Institute for Health Research Service Delivery and Organisation Programme (NCCSDO) July, 2008: SDO/144/2006

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    (T1) Stahl, D. (1999): Probit Analyses: Theory and its application with SAS (unpublished manual for the Department of Insectvirology, SLFA, Neustadt, Germany).

    Book reviews

    Stahl, D. (2009) Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata, second edition” Statistical Methods in Medical Research 18: 111–113.


    Everitt, B., Landau, S., Leese, M. and Stahl, D. (to appear 2011) Cluster Analysis 5th completely revised edition. Wiley.

    Book chapters

    (BC3) Stahl, D. and Leese, M. (2010) Research Methods and Statistics. In: Psychiatry - An Evidence-Based Text for the MRCPsych Students. Hodder Arnold

    (BC2) Boesch C., Gone Bi, Z., Anderson, D. and Stahl, D. (2006) Food choice in Taï chimpanzees: Are cultural differences present? In: G. Hohmann, M. Robbins and C. Boesch (Eds.) Feeding ecology of apes, humans and other primates", Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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