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Dr Thomas M Dannhauser  MBChB MRCPsych PhD
Honorary Research Fellow
Consultant Psychiatrist in Elderly Mental Health (North Essex Partnership Foundation NHS Trust)
Honorary Senior Lecturer (University College London)

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Institute of Psychiatry
Box  P
De Crespigny Park
United Kingdom, SE5 8AF

departmentsPsychological Medicine
alsoCognition Schizophrenia and Imaging (CSI) Laboratory


My main research interests are the functional anatomy of cognitive impairment, and treatment of prodromal Alzheimer’s disease.
I am studying the potential of combined physical, social and computer activities to delay the onset of dementia. Additionally, we are studying the changes in brain oxygenation that occurs as a result of the activities, using functional near infrared spectroscopy and machine learning.
I have studied episodic memory and attention in amnestic mild cognitive impairment using fMRI, and response to acethylcholinesterase inhibitor treatment.
I am also investigating the treatment potential of near infrared spectroscopy guided neurofeedback in prodromal Alzheimer’s disease and late onset depression.
Additionally, I am collaborating with colleagues on studies of subjective memory impairment (SCI).
My research activities are a collaboration between the Institute of Psychiatry and the Research Department of Mental Health Sciences at University College London.

activities and interests

Chief Investigator

Piloting a complex intervention involving physical exercise, cognitive training and socialising to delay the onset of
dementia in mild cognitive impairment. (ThinkingFit)

teaching activities


MSc in Psychiatric Research at University College London: Neuroimaging module
Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at University of Hertfordshire: Neuropsychiatric Models of Disease


MSc Supervisor at Institute of Psychiatry and University College London.


Subjective cognitive impairment: Functional MRI during a divided attention task
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(11)C-PIB PET in subjective cognitive impairment.
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Subjective cognitive impairment: increased prefrontal cortex activation compared to controls during an encoding task. Rodda JE, Dannhauser TM, Cutinha DJ, Shergill SS, Walker Z. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2009 Aug;24(8):865-74.

An fMRI study of verbal episodic memory encoding in amnestic mild cognitive impairment.
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The functional anatomy of divided attention in amnestic mild cognitive impairment.
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Mental health problems in the elderly, J Rodda, S Morgan, F Dannhauser, T Dannhauser, in Essential Psychiatry in General Practice, Eds: A Ali, I Hall, A Dicker. Quay Books, London, 2010.

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