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Dr Adam R Winstock  MBBS, BSc, MSc, MRCP, MRCPsych, FAChAM, MD
Clinical Senior Lecturer, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist

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tel020 7848 0207
fax848 0832
addressNational Addiction Centre
Division of Psychological Medicine & Psychiatry, Kings' College London
PO Box 48 - Addiction Sciences Building
4 Windsor Walk
Denmark Hill
London SE5 8AF
location level one
3 - 4 Windsor Walk
Addictions IRG
Psychological Medicine


I trained as physician before undertaking my psychiatry training at the Maudsley and Royal Bethlem Hospitals in 1995. I am a clinician, teacher and researcher. I spent 7 years in Australia as a senior clinician and educator before returning to the IOP in April 2009. I retain a conjoint academic position with the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at UNSW in Sydney. I am interested in optimising health outcomes for those in drug treatment by increasing thier knowledge and understanding about treatment. I want to support those who use drugs to access accurate, credible and practical information so they can reduce thier own risk of harm and look out for others that they care for.

teaching activities


Last 3 years publications only ( excluding textbooks, monographs and guidelines)

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